Jill Kiddon ·

My Body Is Swimming In A Pool

2023 (6.26 min)

My body is swimming in a pool
I am calling through the water
I know you´re there whithout a reason
It´s just us
This is a special place
You never leave
You always come again
Or is it I
How many lengths keep us apart
Exeeding the limits
I´m expanding every second
Like a flood of whispers I call to you
Could I try to tell you that I want you in every way
Through a field of stars
My eyes see only you
A proximity
Every moment
A secret
We´re never out of breath

Group exhibition at Grabowsee, Berlin
18th August - 20th August 2023

Tides, 2023
is a site specific sound installation that was developed during the residency Countdowngrabowsee.
It consists of the sound piece My Body Is Swimming In A Pool, a printed text, two speakers covered by fabric, a receiver, a glas plate, two stones, a matress and a mirror.