Neutral Dynamic Stability
Group exhibition at Möbelhaus von A-Z, Berlin
with Sara Kramer and Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir

Verges, 2016
Concrete, copper pipes, glass, silicone
various dimensions

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The silver folio on the tiled ground has partly peeled off. Looking into the ground in search of a clear reflection leads to disappointment. Only a blurry image appears, vague and floating between the square tiles. One tile, a bit thicker than the others is placed diagonally above.
There, copper poles grow vertically and spread to other parts of the room. They mirror your shape as you travel around, bending and turning; they adjust to every changing position.
Needing to touch the smooth edges you stretch out your arm. Surprised by sudden pain and dripping dark liquid, you withdraw your hand. Having accidentally touched one of the barely visible sharp edges, you now bleed. On the ground, the thick dark fluid grows into a steady stream that slowly overtakes the entire space. Unavoidably you are swallowed by this silk-soft matter that tightly embraces your body. For a moment you hold your breath and remain still, before emptying your lungs. The small bubbles from your breath get caught in a line of light blue stream that then transforms into a distanced blur as it passes by, before disappearing completely. And you inhale. Allowing the fluid that once ran through you to re-enter.
As you land softly, vertically the pink-ish ground beneath you begins to swell up. You step off the overly stretched surface before it bursts and contracts again. This happens repeatedly and encourages you to keep on moving aimlessly in the dark gradient surroundings. A crowd of fingers gathers beside you, shifting in the soft stream they are a choir of repetitive gestures. Repeating memories of intimate strokes, while swirling up dust.
You follow them towards a green blur, that as you come closer materialises into a irregular green pillar. Attracted by its surface you come closer and run your fingers along the smooth edges. Mimicking the gestures witnessed before, you know them. Numerous of times you have stroken your smartphone’s screen in the exact same way.
Within the pillars, bright orange colored light is activated and spreads upwards. You begin to levitate. With your palm still attached to the pillars side, you feel your body rising. What you thought was a sole being is connected to a large system. A network of bend shapes, further than you are able to see.

Text by Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir