Our Economy
Group exhibition at Alte Münze, Berlin
with Sara Kramer, Peter Olsen, Thomas Bo Østergaard,
Grażyna Roguski, Sarah Rosengarten, Mathias Sæderup

When in Flux, 2021
Aluminum and steel poles, aluminum foil, acrylic glass, burned car pieces, concrete, epoxi, foil
220cm x 300cm x 180cm

Untitled (Remnant 0903), 2021
steel pole, concrete, textile, metal fragment
210cm x 33cm x 25cm

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Parents, theft, moneyless society.
A small amount of extra cash to
spend beyond the essentials - so
small that you can carry it on your
body. They seldom have secure
employment, but instead engage in
unreliable, flexible jobs. The other
day my niece told me that she spent
all her money on a Minecraft app
that she cannot use. Holes in
shopping carts and beady eyes.
Pressing against the worn out
metal, a finger touches the edge
between the cellulose and
sweatpants while moisture
accelerates the process of
corrosion that slowly extends
unevenly beyond the metallic
surface. Funny money.
Silly money. They have been
portrayed as authentic and creative
people. When it comes to words,
you possess fewer than the coins
you save from your tips in the milk
gallon under the kitchen cabinet.
The transformation happens
unnoticed, gradually. A payment
for just being there, lucky and
harmless, not doing anything in